Electrostatic Precipitator

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Electrostatic Precipitator

The Vapour electrostatic precipitator can be used to separate micro-fine dust particles form hot processes gases of 350-400 Degree Celsius. Therefore, ESP is used in boiler plants and various chemical process industries.

Principle of Operation
The dust contaminated process gas enters the electrostatic precipitator horizontally and is distributed uniformly across the entire filter cross section through perfect gas distribution system.

Electrical field is generated between the corona discharge electrodes and the collecting electrode plates by applying high voltage. The process gas and dust particles are electrically charged.

The charged particles are transported to the collecting electrodes plates by electric field strength, where they agglomerates with the existing dust particles. The collected dust particles are removed from the collecting surface by mechanical rapping hammer system.

The removed dust particles dropped into hopper bellow and are removed through dust collection system.

The purified gas leaves ESP.

Short Description of the Technology
Gas distribution screen are provided at inlet and outlet as per computer modelling for proper gas distribution in ESP.
Horizontal passage of the ESP consist of the suspended collecting electrodes in plate construction with dust collecting channels. These helps to
maintain uniform electric field and smooth removal of collected dust particles without re-entrainment of dust.
High performance discharge electrodes are made of special stainless steel strip and are arranged in the center. A suitable clearance is given between
mounting of the framing and discharge electrode.
A simplified mechanical rapping hammer mechanism is used to knocked of dust particles from corona discharge electrodes and collecting plates
Transformer-Rectifier sets supply specified DC Voltage and current to the field Electrostatic Precipitator.
Low Power Consumption of the electric system
Electric heating of the insulator and hooper (in special cases) are provided
Pyramidal hopper and dust conveying system are provided to prevent accumulation of dust
High performance of separation ensured by current high voltage control system.

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